Dive into a collection of quotes from colleagues and industry professionals who’ve had the pleasure of working alongside me. These testimonials shed light on my professional demeanor, collaborative spirit, and the impact I’ve made through my work. Each quote offers a unique perspective on my contributions and the qualities that make me a valued team member and leader in the digital and SaaS marketing spaces. I’m honored to share these reflections with you, providing a glimpse into my professional relationships and the positive impressions I’ve left on those I’ve worked with.

Steven Hartman

“Desirea was a bright addition to our talented Product Marketing team. She not only holds a strong SEM background, but also a very positive demeanor and professionalism that contributed to strong teamwork across the company. She was eager to learn and also always happy to help out a teammate. I would gladly work with Desirea again.” Steven Hartman

Shahar Erez

“I worked closely with Desirea at Kenshoo both as colleagues while I runt the product organization and later on when I run the marketing organization.
Desirea was great to work with, not only does she carry tremendous experience in SEM but first and foremost due to her positive attitude, passion to get things done and desire to promote team work and openness to feedback. I have no doubt she will positively impact any organization she joins.” Shahar Erez

Steve Kalush

Working with Desirea has always been wonderful. She has a great feel for how to deliver across multiple teams! Specifically, she has fantastic sales-minded strategies and presents them strongly. She gains buy-in across multiple teams, speeding up the time to value of her work. Her background in solutions and sales allows her to be a strong collaborator while going the extra mile to predict what the team’s unknown needs are! She is easy to work with and I appreciate her feedback on our projects!” Steve Kalush

“Desirea is such a positive person! She is amazing design partner, who took great care to ensure that I received everything I needed in time to support any marketing efforts they had planned. Bringing me in early in the process, and great at communicating story/vision for the design while also enabling creative freedom. She has an inherent talent for effective marketing solutions, and her jovial friendly nature made her so easy to talk to! I would highly recommend her for any company looking to succeed in their product marketing efforts.” Anuja Kanani

Steve Dunker

“Desirea was highly valued at Marin by senior management. She was recognized as the “go to” person for all product related questions. Her demonstration of our application functionality was unparalleled. Desirea’s dedication and strong technical skills will make her a key asset to any organization.” Steve Dunker

Jason Pratt

Desirea is a delight to work with. Sharp, capable, talented. Great ability to synthesize knowledge from information, fast learner, high get-it factor. She’ll go far in Product Marketing/Management and has the desire to excel that will push her higher. Go Desirea!Jason Pratt

Breck Handy

“I had the pleasure of working with Desirea, and she reported to me for my last year at Marin Software. Solid pre-sales technical people are hard to find, so Desirea was such an asset to the Sales team. With a knack for just being able to talk to any level/persona at a company, Desirea immediately gained trust and was able to translate product features into real value and dynamic business solutions.

She was certainly essential to our North American Sales AE team and contributed significantly to the group success, helping win all kinds of levels of deals as well as contributing to product knowledge, best practices, training and competitive intel. She demonstrates a strong work ethic and shows a dedication to success. She consistently displayed a high level of technical skills and was a valuable contributor to all of the deals and other Sales strategy and projects. She always took the time to understand feedback from colleagues and prospects alike, and could then tailor our solutions so they aligned to the customers’ business strategy. I could always rely on Desirea to add value to the deal cycle, the team, get the job done and I enjoyed working with her (and would do so again anytime)!” Breck Handy

Scott Reynolds

“Desirea is one of the most talented analytical minds with whom I’ve been lucky enough to learn. Her ability to take very complex data sets, and draw meaningful and valuable conclusions helps her team make important, predictive decisions.
On top of being so sharp with analysis, specifically across the spectrum of performance based digital marketing products/programs, working with Desirea was/is an absolute pleasure. Her humor and quick wit keep you on your toes while maintaining constant focus on the goals at hand. She holds herself to very high standards and, fairly, expects the same from her teammates.
I’d be happy to have the opportunity to work with Desirea again, whether as a member of the same team, a vendor, a partner, or a client.” Scott Reynolds

Soraia Garcia

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Desirea this year, 2019, when I went to the Kenshoo’s Sales Kickoff in San Francisco. I needed help with a specific subject, and I was told by the team the she was the one to go.

She was super helpful and during this first contact, I could see her great ability in solving problems, giving precise information and her generosity on giving extra info about the activities she was not directly involved.

Since then, I could see she is a very talented asset for the company and for the team, as regards to products with very solid knowledge. And every time I have the chance to interact with her, my first impression from her as a dynamic, proactive and smart person confirms.

As if all these qualifications were not more than enough for my admiration about her, I was recently positively impressed with her again, after knowing about her project for women empowerment, the Fiercely Fem Tees. I took a look in the products and this is beautiful work, not only aesthetically, but also in the conceptual sense. Projects like this, are very important and even the ones involving small gestures, make a significant difference.

I recommend Desirea as a very talented professional for products, hands-on colleague and very generous on sharing her knowledge.” Soraia Garcia